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2009 Team on The Diama/NW Route

In 2009 a bigger international team lead by an Austrian will attempt the same or a similar route....

16.06.2009 14:57

Our Friends off to Hunza Peak in Pakistan

We wish Harry, Klaus and Jakob best of luck with their attempt of a first ascent on Hunza Peak!

17.08.2008 23:55

Iranian Expedition - One lost

Saman Nemati got lost on summit day

25.07.2008 22:28


March 2008

11.03.2008 21:56 Age: 12 yrs
By: Clara

Our intensive preparations during the past few months finally yield fruit.

We have received positive replies from sponsors! Moreover, our greetingcards campaign has started and we have obtained donations for our mountaineering project. However, we still need financial support. If you want to help us with a small or big amount and get a greetingcard from the base-camp in return, please have a look in the „Greetingcards“ section.

Also, we have fixed our travelling dates. We fly out on May 18 to Islamabad (Pakistan) and we will come back home on July 16, 2008.

Further to this, we give talks about past expeditions:

  • On March 13 at 7:30 p.m. Markus will show pictures and a film about his Denali 6192m (Mt. McKinley) ascent in the lecture room of ÖGV (Lerchenfelderstraße 28, 1080 Vienna). Free entrance. In addition, a report about this trip has been published in the most recent „Gebirgsfreund“ (Members’ journal of the Alpine Club ÖGV).
  • Next to invited talks, Clara will give a public lecture about her Patagonian adventure on April 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the lecture room of the Alpine Club Edelweiß (Walfischgasse 12, 1010 Vienna). A report will be published in the second issue of „Edelweiß aktuell“ (Members’ journal of the Alpine Club Edelweiß).

Next to all these activity we are training for our upcoming expedition. Also, we try hard to build up fat-reserves which is not an easy task.