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2009 Team on The Diama/NW Route

In 2009 a bigger international team lead by an Austrian will attempt the same or a similar route....

16.06.2009 14:57

Our Friends off to Hunza Peak in Pakistan

We wish Harry, Klaus and Jakob best of luck with their attempt of a first ascent on Hunza Peak!

17.08.2008 23:55

Iranian Expedition - One lost

Saman Nemati got lost on summit day

25.07.2008 22:28


Rajar bazar

18.05.2008 17:27 Age: 16 yrs
By: Clara, Markus

Sunday is shoppingday in Rawalpindi.

After a Pakistan breakfast we dive into typically Asian market-life. It would not be an expedition without visiting these buzzing colourful crowded smelly alleys of Rawalpindi. Fascinated by the various little shops where you can buy literally everything (even goats' heads) we get lost all the time. Actually, we think that we drive our guide Musa Karim crazy because we joy about everyday-things. For example, goat skins used for carrying water, or a 10-year-old boy being instructed to drive in the middle of rush-hour by his father! Probably the most amusing part of the day was watching the local car removal system: they use a forklift which they call "car-lifter" in order to move wrongly parked cars.

The highlight of the day is the ordering of custom made trousers from high quality cloth for a prize of only 600Rs (€6.50) per trouser! We enjoy the process of choosing the right texture, colour and then being measured and invited for chai (milk tea) to seal the deal.